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About Inns.com

Love to discover the distinct charms of independently owned lodgings? From historic hotels to waterside resorts and mountain cabins, from knowledgeable innkeepers to uniquely decorated rooms, you'll find it all at Inns.com. Inns.com listings include B&Bs, inns, hotels, motels, boats, cottages, cabins, condos, resorts, ranches, spas, and vacation rentals.


Inns.com is your direct portal to a wide variety of independent lodgings. If you are one of the many travelers who want to talk to the innkeepers first, you'll see their phone numbers as soon as you click through to their websites. Prefer the convenience of online reservations? Click the “Availability Calendar” links. You are never forced to book through a third-party mega-travel site.


Inns.com also offers extensive geographic search functions, making it easy to locate a property by state, city or region. Additionally, the site is supplemented by tourism information, with links to state and regional lodging organizations.


Inns.com offers a wide variety of lodging types, but one thing you won't find on this website is a chain motel or hotel. Only independent properties can be listed on Inns.com.


Inns.com has an easy-to-read format, with enough information so you can make an educated choice before clicking through to the websites. Be sure to check out the Inns.com Travel Tips, with great advice from noted travel editor Sandy Soule.


Inns.com is an ELG Hospitality company; sister companies include BedandBreakfast.com, the leading online B&B directory, and RezOvation, offering state-of-the-art property management software and booking engine.

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