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Looking for a sure-fire way for more customers to find you?

Inns.com offers travelers a stream-lined path to your door, whether you're an independent hotel, inn, spa, lodge, ranch, cottage, or vacation rental.

Independent properties: Inns.com provides an exclusive marketing environment for independent properties; no chain hotels or motels are permitted. Your listing includes a photo, description, 14 amenity icons, and your rate information; three links go directly to your website, driving traffic and boosting your search engine optimization (SEO). Listings are available for every budget; the higher the level, the better your exposure:

  • Silver: $199 annually
  • Gold: $299 annually
  • Platinum: $399 annually

We do all the work, and your listing can be live on Inns.com in minutes! Your satisfaction is guaranteed by our 90-day, risk-free guarantee.

B&Bs and inns
If you are a B&B or inn, click here for information on our comprehensive B&B Internet marketing solution.

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Enter Promotional Code: 88F-4FREE when signing up online, or contact us at 800-INNS-COM (1-800-466-7266) Sales@Inns.com.

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